Quick Start Guide

Importing Bookmarks

How to import bookmarks

Importing Bookmarks from Legacy Perfect Browser

Importing bookmarks from Perfect Browser v13.x

Quick Access and Favorite Sites

Quick Access displays favorite sites and primary actions in one convenient place -- enter URL, Search, Close, Add Tab and Close Tab. Long press URL or Search to see additional options like 'Stay On-Screen', Paste, Paste & Go/Search. It appears in an empty tab and disappears when the page has content. Long press Bookmarks to show it any time, or to hide it, while in landscape (as the controls are hidden by default).
You can enable 'Stay On-Screen' to always have it present, until you manually close it by tapping 'X'. This is helpful when you want to close multiple tabs and you don't want it to keep disappearing after you close a tab. Shortcut: you can long press Tab Close button to Stay On-Screen and close the tab.
Rearrange favorites by holding and dragging. You can also adjust the overall size, preferred position for controls (on iPhone): 3/4ths or near bottom, and horizontal offset on iPhone in Settings

Compact-width toolbar adjustment

Toolbar-width on iPhone can be adjusted for one-handed use so you can reach toolbar controls without outstretching the thumb. Go to Settings > Interface & Fullscreen Settings > 'Compact toolbar-width reduction amount' and drag the slider to adjust.

Color Themes & Color Mods

Choose from 50 built-in themes across a wide spectrum of colors. Tap Settings > Color Themes and pick an item. You can tweak a color to your preference with 'Color Mods'. Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness or Red, Green, Blue parameters directly; all the sliders react to changes to stay in sync. To save a custom theme, tap Clone and enter a name and it will be added to the themes list. You can delete a custom theme from Color Mods > Options > Delete.
You can adjust the color intensity applied to Quick Access with the slider at the bottom. Low intensity gives a 'clear-glass' effect. Go all the way right for deep color. The switch toggles whether to apply theme color or a neutral tone.

Open Page In Perfect Browser on other devices

To open the current page in Perfect Browser on other devices, on the source device, tap '+' and choose 'Share QR Code (Perfect Browser)'. On the other device, scan the QR code using Camera App and tap the banner to open in Perfect Browser. You can also scan from the lockscreen Camera app.

Using password managers: 1Password, LastPassword, etc

If you're on a webpage and the keyboard toolbar is visible, tap 'Pass...' to show the Share Sheet and tap on a Password Manager to invoke it. You can also use the Save/Fill or Fill only options in the '+' menu.
When setting up the first time, you may have to tap '...' (More) in the iOS Share Sheet and select your Password manager actions from the list.


Tap the fullscreen button to enter fullscreen. To exit fullscreen, tap the button at the bottom right corner.

Bluetooth/External Keyboard Shortcuts

Perfect Browser supports keyboard shortcuts. It provides desktop-equivalent or better experience when browsing with a keyboard. You can scroll with cursor keys, adjust zoom, adjust font size, scroll to top/bottom, bookmark, show downloads/bookmarks, toggle keyboard, dismiss dialogs, find in page, toggle fullscreen, open/close/switch tabs, refresh, print, search the web, input url, etc. A total of 25 shortcuts are supported.
See Settings > 'Keyboard Control & Shortcuts' for the list of supported shortcuts.

De-AMP Page function

When you're on a AMP (accelerated mobile pages) page, tap 'De-AMP Page' to go to the original site. You can also enable auto-detection with 'Prompt on loading AMP Pages' in Settings > Browsing.


To download files, tap and hold on links or images and choose 'Download'. The downloaded file appears in the Downloads window.

Downloads Auto-detection

When a download or PDF is detected, you will be alerted with an animation and the file appears in the "Auto-Detected Downloads" section. You can choose to Download the file or "Open With..." by tapping on the filename.


Perfect Browser can block most ads/banners in web pages. To enable go to Settings > Ad Block. You can also create your own custom filters.

Uploading Files to Dropbox & Google Drive

To Link With Google Drive: First, Tap Settings Icon > Desktop Browsing Mode and choose a custom rendering mode. Apply. Relaunch the app and continue the process below.
To upload files to Google Drive or Dropbox, open the Downloads window. Locate the file. Tap the Blue Right Arrow button next to any file and choose "Send to Google Drive" or "Send to Dropbox". You can also upload all files in the directory by choosing 'Upload All Files to Dropbox'.

Sending Files via Email or Open In...

To send files via Email as an attachment, open the Downloads window. Locate the file. Tap the Blue Right Arrow button next to any file and choose "Send via Email" or "Open With...".

Kiosk Mode

With Perfect Browser's Kiosk Mode, coupled with iOS Guided Access feature, you can effectively lock down iPad to displaying only an intended web page.
1) Go to Settings > 'Interface & Fullscreen'. Turn off 'Tabs Toggle' button in Fullscreen.
2) Go to Settings > 'Gestures'. Turn off any/all actions to prevent unintended navigation.
3) Open iOS Settings App. Select Perfect Web. Enable 'Kiosk mode'. This disables the 'Exit fullscreen' button.
4) Launch Perfect Web Browser and tap the 'Fullscreen' button.

Search the Web - Fast

Start typing in the search field to get search suggestions. Long press on a suggestion to autocomplete the suggestion for refined results. Tap the 'GO!' button to go directly to the website with the top result. Tap 'First' to autocomplete first result, tap again to search, if the first result is unchanged. Tap 'Deselect' once to deselect, tap again to Scroll to Bottom or Top,

Adding Bookmarklets (Read Later, Readability, Instapaper, etc)

Perfect Browser is compatible with every bookmarklet as Safari. The easiest method is to first add bookmarklets from apps that provide them, to the Safari app.

1) In Safari app, open Bookmarks. Tap the Edit button and edit the bookmarklet you'd like to add. Copy the entire URL field (starts with 'javascript:').
2) Open Perfect Browser. Open Bookmarks. Tap 'New' > Bookmark. Enter a title. Paste the bookmarklet URL you copied earlier from Safari in the URL field. Save.

For advanced users, Step 1 is optional.
All you need is the bookmarklet URL (copied from a link or webpage) you would like to add. Follow step 2. Done.


Tap + to add a new tab. Once tabs go past the screen, simply swipe left or right over the tabs to see the other tabs.

Open links in new tabs or in background

Simply tap and hold on a link to see the options.

Open in New tab: Creates a new tab with the webpage and switches to it automatically.
Open in a Background Tab: Creates a new but doesn't switch to it.

TV Out / Display Mirroring

Simply plug in & play using an iPad VGA or HDMI cable. Also works with AirPlay mirroring on iPad 2+.

Presentation Mode for TV Out

Perfect Browser lets you select a tab that you want to be displayed via TV Out. Only the selected tab is displayed via video out; you can continue to browse the web in different tabs and it remains on screen only.
This could be helpful in a business setting, where you want to control what the audience can see.

To activate Presentation Mode, hold down on a tab and select 'Select tab for Video Out'. Simply close the tab to deactivate presentation mode and Perfect Browser will revert to normal screen mirroring.

Passcode Lock

Passcode lock can be set to appear everytime the app is launched. Goto Settings > Startup > Passcode Lock to activate it.

Auto Webpage Zoom

Perfect Browser can display webpages automatically zoomed in. To activate Auto Zoom, goto Settings > Auto Zoom-In. Select a zoom level.

Note: on some webpages, with auto zoom setting higher than 1.0x (actual intended size of webpage), slight manual zoom in/out may be required for correct display.


To save form data for a site, tap inside a text field on a page and select 'Save' or select 'Save Autofill' from the '+' menu.

By default, Perfect Browser automatically fills out saved form data everytime you visit the site. To disable it, turn off 'Autofill-out webpages' setting in Settings > Autofill.
You can also select 'Autofill' from the '+' menu or tap inside a text field in a webpage and select 'Fill'.

'Open In...' for PDFs

In Bookmarks screen, tap the 'Open In' Button to activate this system and tap on a saved file to see supported applications. Tap again to disable it.

Saving Photos

To save an image on a webpage to the Photos app, simply hold down on an image and choose 'Save Image' or 'Save Image Lossless'. The latter saves the image without any loss of picture quality.

In iOS 6, if the images aren't being saved, open the settings app. Go to Privacy > Photos. Make sure access is enabled to "Perfect Web".

Saving webpages for offline access

Open any webpage and tap '+' and choose Save Webpage. A bookmark will be added and the webpage will be accessible even when you are not connected to the internet.

Desktop Browser Rendering

When activated, Perfect browser displays websites like the selected browser (this is done by spoofing the user agent). To activate: Settings icon-> Desktop Web rendering.
The available rendering modes are: Mobile Safari (Default), Safari for iPad, Safari for iPhone, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

TIP:If you still see mobile versions of websites, Close all tabs. Tap Reset Cookies and Cache. Apply. Open Settings > Clear History.

Hyper Scrollbar & Auto Scrolling

Perfect Browser includes a real scrollbar. You can reposition the scrollbar by touching inside the scroll bar area and dragging it to edges of the screen.

Automatic Scrolling: You can also simply hold down on the up or down buttons and Perfect Browser does the scrolling for you!
Tap the buttons to scroll by page.

Screen Brightness Control

You can adjust the screen brightness to an extra dark setting for comfortable night time / low light use. Tap Settings > Brightness Control and adjust the slider

Adding Bookmarks

To add a bookmark to the current tab, tap + and choose Add Bookmark.
For convenience, 'New Bookmark' button is also provided in the bookmarks screen.

Organizing and Reordering Bookmarks

Bookmarks and folders can be reordered, edited or renamed. Bookmarks can also be moved to a different folder. Tap 'Edit' button on the bookmarks screen and tap on a bookmark or a folder. You can rename, edit URL or change the destination folder of the bookmark using the change folder button. Save to finish.

Multi Touch Gestures

Perfect Browser provides convenient gestures to frequently used functions.

2 Finger Swipe: Flick with two fingers quickly to switch between tabs.

3 Finger Swipe: Flick with three fingers left or right to go back or forward in history. Flick down to close the tab.

4 finger tap: Exit fullscreen. (Can be turned off in settings.)

5 finger tap: Open Bookmarks.

Private Browsing

When enabled, nothing is recorded.

Standard (Default): This is the recommended privacy level. History is not recorded. On pressing the home button and at launch, the current session will be cleared, all cookies and caches are erased automatically.

Insane: This is the same as Standard, except, all tabs, cookies and caches are cleared also upon receiving a phone call, FaceTime call, message, notification or any unexpected on screen interruption or iOS Alert.


You can directly print to AirPrint compatible printers. Tap '+' and choose the print option to select an existing AirPrint compatible printer.

Find in Page (Search)

Search directly in a web page and the search text is highlited with big yellow coloring. Tap the magnifying glass in the toolbar.

Adjust Font Size

You can adjust the font size in real-time. Tap Settings -> A+ and A- buttons to increase or decrease font size. Reset button restores it to normal size.
You can also make the font size apply to all webpages by default. (Settings icon -> Settings -> Font Size Override).

Saving Font Size for Specific Sites

For some websites, you may prefer to have the font size appear larger or smaller by default. Adjust the font size using the font adjustment feature. Then choose 'Save Font For Site'. This font size will be used for all webpages from that site.

If the global 'Font Size Override' option is set in Settings, it will not be used for sites that have a custom font size saved.

To remove a saved font size preference, go to the website. Tap Settings > Default Font Size and then 'Save Font for Site'.

Block Images

You can choose to block image loading if you want faster page loading while on EDGE or 3G. Can be enabled from Settings.

Scrolling Within a Page with Frames

If you ever come across a webpage that uses 'frames', simply scroll up or down with two fingers to activate scrolling within that frame.

Emailing Web Links

Tap '+' and choose Mail Page Link.
This will open the in-app email window with the URL and title of the web page prefilled.

Tweeting Web Links

Tap '+' and choose Tweet.
This will open the in-app tweet window with the URL and title of the web page prefilled.

Changing Homepage

Go to Settings > Startup and Homepage options > Set current tab as homepage.

Changing Search Engine [+Fix for Non-U.S. users]

Go to Settings > Search Engines. Tap Edit. Click on a search engine.

Non US users may need to change the search domain to their local region. E.g. UK users should replace the occurence of google.com with google.co.uk in the custom search query string for local results.

Open Page in Safari

Should you ever feel like opening the current page in Safari, simply tap '+' and choose Open in Safari.

Backing Up Bookmarks and Saved Pages in iTunes

See the iTunes File Sharing Tutorial

Safari Fullscreen Bookmarklet

In Safari, the fullscreen bookmarklet below opens the currently open page, in fullscreen inside Perfect.

Step 1: Open Safari and add a bookmark to any website.
Step 2: Open Bookmarks. Edit the newly added bookmark.
Step 3: Change the title to 'View in PERFECT'.
Step 4: Change the URL field to javascript:window.location='perfect://'+location.href;

Now, whenever you open the bookmark in safari, the current page will show up in Perfect Browser!


Click here for Settings Guide.

Troubleshooting - Try this first

Enable Recovery mode in Settings App > Perfect Web to clear all tabs on start and reset some settings to safe defaults.
Can also try this:
1) Close all tabs.
2) Exit fullscreen.
3) Tap Settings > Desktop Web Rendering. Apply. Relaunch the app.

Help? Contact Support

Tap Settings > Help > Email Support