Importing Bookmarks from Legacy Perfect Browser

1) In the old Perfect Browser, go to Bookmarks > Options > Export Bookmarks to HTML.

2) Tap Downloads / Files (blue arrow). Find 'Perfect Browser Bookmarks.html' from the list. Tap 'i' next to it.

3) Choose 'Open in...' and choose 'Copy to Perfect Web' from the App Icons in the first row (If it doesn't appear, add it using the More... button).

From Perfect Browser Pro:

4) Go to Bookmarks > Options > Import Bookmarks. Tap 'Select bookmarks html file' > Select the 'Inbox' folder > 'Perfect Browser Bookmarks.html'

5) Tap Import. You're done!

iPad Users, don't forget to enable 'Always Show Bookmarks Bar' in Settings to see the bookmarks bar.