New features

Quick Access + Favorite Sites

Ridiculously comfortable & fast navigation

Favorite sites and primary actions are close to where you hold the device: enter URL, Search, open / close tab, paste & go, paste & search, etc. You don't have to reach far corners.

- Enables one-handed use on iPhone. Really convenient on iPad

- Show instantly by holding bookmarks button. Auto appears in a new tab 

- Adjust overall size or position

New Upgraded Browser Engine

Fast. Faster. Fastest. And more reliable.

Perfect Browser Pro is blazingly fast. It has been rebuilt with the modern WebKit 2 engine which uses out-of-process rendering. Tabs use external renderer processes and can't affect the stability of the app. Performance is massively improved. Web pages load much faster. Web apps are more responsive and run smoother.

CLARITY design w/ 50 Themes & Color Mods

CLARITY (color layered interface symmetry) design accentuates web content and makes browsing so much fun with 50 amazing color themes.

- Make your own or tweak existing themes with Color Mods

- Adjust Hue, Sat., Brightness or RGB parameters

- Clone/save custom color themes

- Light & airy interface with adjustable translucency

- Adjust Quick Access color intensity independently

Compact-width toolbar adjustment

Easier one-handed use

Toolbar width can be adjusted on (larger) devices to make it easier to reach controls. Choose left or right-handed modes.

Tab Firewall

It's like a firewall built-in to each tab. Ever been on a website and all of sudden the page is replaced / redirected to an unwanted site or an ad? Activate tab firewall and choose to stay-in-site and be prompted when an external site attempts to load in the tab while browsing a specific site. 

- Stay locked-in to a site in the tab

- Whitelist external sites that are allowed

- Prompt to allow or block or always allow external site while on a specific site

Hyper Scroll 2

New design, intelligent and thumb-friendlier

The new hyper scroll bar is more intelligent and the buttons are 2x bigger. It looks great with the new unibody design -- it feels right-in-place. Adjust the opacity or flip the button order if you like. Drag by the buttons to move without losing scrolling position.

Instantly share & open pages in Perfect Browser on other devices via QR Code

Say you're reading an article on an iPhone.. Want to continue reading it on iPad in Perfect Browser? 

Choose 'Share Page via QR Code (Perfect Browser)' and scan the code on the 'target' device using the iOS' Camera App and tap the 'Open In Perfect Web' banner. Done! Read away!

Universal App for iPhone & iPad

Perfect Browser Pro is now a universal app. One app for all your iOS devices. What we are really excited about -- app updates can be pushed to all platforms at the same time.

Back/Forward Lists and Edge Swipes

Long press Back/Forward to see the history in a relevant order. Long press on any item to open in a new tab, then and there! Swipe from the edges to go back/forward effortlessly.

Isolated Temporary Tabs

Open isolated temporary tabs where the web page / tab / session data stays in-memory only and is purged when the tab is closed and is not persisted. For example, in a normal tab you could be signed in to one email account and in an isolated tab, you could sign into another email account, etc

Search Directly from Text Selection

Select text in a webpage and choose 'Search' or 'Search in a new tab'.

Open Tapped Links In A New Tab toggle

When enabled, you can simply tap on links in a page to have them open in background tabs. When done, simply turn it off.

Previously, you had to individually long press on each link and choose 'Open in background tab'.

Support for Password Managers

Password managers like 1Password, LastPass and others are now supported.

Architectural and under-the-hood optimizations

By targeting the latest version of iOS, we have been able to make a number changes and follow the best practices for overall improvement in performance and achieve better maintainability.

It gets better...

Bookmark All Tabs

Duplicate a tab

Open copied link in new tab

Change User Agent instantly

Toggle AdBlock instantly

Open in new tab / background tab for local files

Autocomplete first search result

More responsive UI

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